For Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep on the PSP, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Aqua vs Vanitas - who's the better character? KH2 states they fought. On Standard I generally end up finishing the game around 25-30, with my level in Neverland being right around there. Close. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. save. mewlax 3 years ago #1. I feel like this topic won't end well, but with regard to Aqua VS Vanitas, I believe Vanitas to have cheated to win his fight. almighty PUSH!!! hide. Post discussion, fan-art, videos, questions, and more here! I'd say Aqua, but Vanitas is a very very close second. A Bug's Life in Kingdom Hearts 4. Who do you consider as the winner? So I beat all the bosses with Terra and moved on to Aqua. My vote goes to the rack. It only took me hours and hours.. Riku won, I think aqua won, but idc about bbs it sucks,, Ahh, I cant remember specifically, ignore my opinion on it, riku won for sure though and threw roxas into a computer. Same thing for Aqua vs. Vanitas in KH3 IMO. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the KingdomHearts community. In KH3 Aqua is weakened by her time in the RoD/her time corrupted and Vanitas is clearly much more of a match for her now, but she was still winning. Once Roxas got his second blade back he proceeded to smash Riku to the ground, cutting through his dark firaga like a knife through butter and hitting him so hard that even his dark reflect couldn't protect him from the recoil damage. It's a fleeting one though because then Sora gets his keyblade back and strikes Roxas down in one clean swipe. Ive been playing on standard mode since I started the series. Ereabus - 10 years ago 1 2.

I'll have to buy some at a moogle shop. I know it will not happen but i can dream, right? Tips for Proud Mode Run with Aqua + do I need do PM on all characters? 2. If he hadn't taken advantage of Ventus's vulnerability, I do not believe he could have beaten Aqua one-on-one. Posted by 3 years ago. Both are spectacularly uninteresting.

report. Are you blocking?

Hard to say. Even if it looks like Roxas was winning in that moment, when looked at honestly you'll realize the most he managed to do is stalemate them.

Aqua vs Vanitas Lingering Spirit Trick; User Info: mewlax. Infinite army of II4s anyone? I couldn't get the trick to work for Aqua as Vanitas would run around in the distance rather than trying to run through the rock. Because Sora was in perfectly fine shape and would have no problem dodging any attack Roxas tries to launch at him, it's not like Riku who was on him bum or Roxas who was knocked out, Sora could roll/stand-up/slide/etc... any thing Roxas tries to throw at him. Vanitas's gameplay defeat quote is even him conceding that she wins this round, and then following that we get a nice cutscene of Vanitas deciding to forgo fighting Aqua entirely so he can attack Ventus. Press J to jump to the feed. Archived [Ps4] [Discussion] KH BBS Aqua vs Vanitas 2nd battle. The subreddit for Kingdom Hearts news, discussion, and more. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReportĀ Ad. I did the incredibly cheap Vanish/Strike Raid trick as Terra after really getting annoyed with this fight. Aqua VS Vanitas is a bit more complex to call it fair and square, because Aqua clearly doesn't defeat Vanitas but Vanitas kind of cheats to beat Aqua. ". ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Everyone shall be PUSHED!!! I really like both. I mainly used fire and firaga, Not sure what difficulty your on, but level 18 on neverland sounds pretty low. So it's a clear admission of the defeat of Riku by both of them, but once Riku unleashed the dark power he held back he floored DW Roxas in seconds being clearly superior. share. User Info: itsagamerguy132. Meanwhile Roxas can't actually move from where he is standing because doing so would physically release the keyblade and Sora just take it back. Eventually Roxas, who is again fighting with the advantage of two blades, finally gets an upper hand on Sora through sheer intensity. Yah to tell you the truth i beat him as ventus and he was lvl 24.

From: Hirokey123 | #006I can name plenty of better KH protagonists and antagonists than Aqua and Vanitas. IMO though, Vanitas would have made a way better villain independantly inb4lightning/eclair because all he really does is, "Yep, okay, kill Ven, get killed by Ven, whatever. 75% Upvoted. Vanitas is the victor because he's the one standing on top while Aqua's unconscious. Piece of cake! Where can I find Leaf bracer, Renewal Block, Once More, and second chance? Neverland Vanitas only has one unblockable attack, and it's the thunder "spray" one (Dark Thundaga). Riku ended up on his knees again and it's obvious that he's beaten to both him and Roxas, with Riku saying he is left with no choice but to unleash the dark power he held back and Roxas wondering how many times he has to beat him down for him to stay down. But yeah i kept noticing on other planets example for stitches world that I was not killing enemies as fast as I was when I started the first few worlds.

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