These industries have been largely replaced. The Celtic word aber means "river mouth", as in modern Welsh (Aberystwyth, Aberdare, Aberbeeg etc.). The Student Show traditionally combines comedy and music, inspired by the North-East's Doric dialect and humour.

There are three commercial radio stations operating in the city: Northsound Radio, which runs Northsound 1 and Northsound 2, and independent station Original 106. Its main campus is in Old Aberdeen in the north of the city and it currently has approximately 14,000 students. [87], Robert Gordon's College (originally Robert Gordon's Hospital) was founded in 1750 by the merchant Robert Gordon,[80] grandson of the map maker Robert Gordon of Straloch, and was further endowed in 1816 by Alexander Simpson of Collyhill. A city of northeast Scotland on the North Sea at the mouth of the Dee River.

This leaves local geologists in a slight quandary: despite the high concentration of geoscientists in the area (courtesy of the oil industry), there is only a vague understanding of what underlies the city. Old Aberdeen is the approximate location of Aberdon, the first settlement of Aberdeen; this literally means "the mouth of the Don". Dyce tends to have marginally warmer daytime temperatures year round owing to its slightly lower elevation, though it is more susceptible to harsh frosts. The coldest temperature to occur in recent years was −16.8 °C (1.8 °F) during December 2010,[35] while the following winter, Dyce set a new February high temperature station record on 28 February 2012 of 17.2 °C (63.0 °F).,[36] and a new March high temperature record of 21.6 °C (70.9 °F) on 25 March 2012. Mediaeval (or Ecclesiastical) Latin has it as Aberdonia. The Aberdeen College of Performing Arts also provides full-time Drama and Musical Theatre training at Further Education level.

However, there is no consensus which river could be meant, as there are several river names resonating with the Graeco-Roman Devana: The Romans and subsequently European scholars (in their Latin lingua franca) and the Catholic Church referred to Aberdeen with various canonical names well into the modern era: Aberdeen also has a number of nicknames, and poetic names: William Kennedy proposes the spelling variations:[12]. “Majority” vs. “Plurality”: What Their Differences Mean For This Election. The city has around 5,610 (2.6%) residents of African or Caribbean origin, which is a higher percentage than both Glasgow and Edinburgh. A suffragette, known as Mrs Graham, she created the first known women's football team, which beat England 3–1 in their second match in May 1881. Residents or natives of Aberdeen are known as Aberdonians, whence Aberdeen F.C. [27], Bon Accord is the motto of the city and is French for "Good Agreement". They were play-off champions in season 2015–2016. The general surmise is that the name Devana refers to a river name. [114] The club has a second course, and there are public golf courses at Auchmill, Balnagask, Hazlehead and King's Links. This is the first team which Aberdeen has enjoyed since the Granite City Oilers were wound up in the late 1990s. It was constructed in 1817 as Archibald Simpson's first commission and contains a memorial to the consecration of the first bishop of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America, which took place nearby. [71] The city won the 2006 Scotland in Bloom "Best City" award along with the International Cities in Bloom award. The first ever recorded game of football, was outlined by teacher David Wedderburn in his book "Vocabula" The UK's longest direct rail journey runs from Aberdeen to Penzance. “Affect” vs. “Effect”: Use The Correct Word Every Time.

Church and Presbytery and 1–5 Chapel Court, Aberdeen, "Water pumping work starts at Rubislaw Quarry in Aberdeen", "A burst of energy in Europe's oil capital", "Aberdeen, a City With One Foot on the Seafloor", "Aberdeen 'best-placed city for growth' in Britain", "Record rise in North Sea oil and gas investment expected", "Construction gets underway for new GDF Suez E&P UK Aberdeen premises", "Anti-gravity machine among inventions making Aberdeen a leader in patents race", "Council leader welcomes Union Square proposals", "Aberdeen's blooming success goes worldwide", "Aberdeen bypass set to proceed after Supreme Court appeal rejected", "It's a fact: 50 things you may not have known about Aberdeen", " The History of 395 King Street 1862–2007", "Comparative Education Profile: Aberdeen City Council Area, Scotland", "Top UK University League Tables and Rankings 2019", "University of Aberdeen named Scottish University of the Year | News | The University of Aberdeen", "Times newspaper Scottish state schools league table", "Marischal Museum. Two weather stations collect climate data for the area, Aberdeen/Dyce Airport, and Craibstone. 's nickname, "the Dons". There is a conservatory used as a seating area and a fountain made of fourteen different granites, presented to the people by the granite polishers and master builders of Aberdeen. Aberdeen railway station is on the main UK rail network and Abellio ScotRail has frequent direct trains to major cities Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness. Visiting and Contacting the Museum. Aberdeen boasts a large cricket community with 4 local leagues operating that comprise a total of 25 clubs fielding 36 teams.

Other radio stations include NECR FM (North-East Community Radio FM) DAB station,[100] and shmu FM[101] managed by Station House Media Unit[102] which supports community members to run Aberdeen's first (and only) full-time community radio station, broadcasting on 99.8 MHz FM. [64], Figures released in 2016 ranked Aberdeen as having the second highest amount of patents processed per person in the UK.[65]. The city was burned by Edward III of England in 1336, but was rebuilt and extended.

Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020, Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition [16] The earliest charter was granted by William the Lion in 1179 and confirmed the corporate rights granted by David I. What does “pseudonym” mean in this sentence: “‘I’m afraid that was a pseudonym. There has however been great success in cleaning the buildings which can result in their façade being restored back to much how they looked originally.

Every year the annual Doric Festival[98] takes place in Aberdeenshire to celebrate the history of the north-east's language. A recent proposal to build a three-storey concrete and steel superstructure in place of the gardens, part of which will provide a commercial concourse, has proved highly controversial. A local magazine is called the "Leopard" and, when Union Bridge was widened in the 20th century, small statues of the creature in a sitting position were cast and placed on top of the railing posts (known locally as Kelly's Cats).

In March 2004, Aberdeen was awarded Fairtrade City status by the Fairtrade Foundation. The outskirts of the city spread beyond the (inferred) limits of the outlier onto the surrounding metamorphic/ igneous complexes formed during the Dalradian period (approximately 480–600 million years ago) with sporadic areas of igneous Diorite granites to be found, such as that at the Rubislaw quarry which was used to build much of the Victorian parts of the city.[30].

In 1644, it was taken and ransacked by Royalist troops after the Battle of Aberdeen[19] and two years later it was stormed by a Royalist force under the command of the Marquis of Huntly.

[109] In November 2008 the city hosted a rugby international at Pittodrie between Scotland and Canada, with Scotland winning 41–0. This motif dates from at least the time of Robert the Bruce and represents the buildings that stood on the three hills of medieval Aberdeen: Aberdeen Castle on Castle Hill (today's Castlegate); the city gate on Port Hill; and a church on St Catherine's Hill (now levelled). Christadelphians have been present in Aberdeen since at least 1844. [12], Aberdeen used to host the Aberdeen International Youth Festival, a major international event which attracted up to 1000 of the most talented young performing arts companies but the council ended funding in 2017 and the festival was wound up in 2018.

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