I just wanted to say, I loved your interview with Marc Maron. And keep being awesome! Hey, maybe it’s even online. Dang. any tips on how to get more confident? You are too cool just like Willy says. Hey Aaron, If it’s not a public gig, well hit me up for a quick brew and some bs while your visiting!-Hope all is well man, HI, I just saw you on A Continuous Lean, and was wondering where you got that orange jacket, I want to send you a role of stickers from an old government agency that you’d really dig. 1&2 by Yasaburo Kuwayama are nearly impossible to find for a bargain price anymore! Plus thank you so much for the poster and other gear. Howdy. When I was 10 or 36!!!

Todd, aaron - i’m a friend of lee’s here in t.c. And being that I am a man with a noggin pushing the final two notches on an adjustable hat, the thing came out just too snug to bear.

what year is the forum recon 156 graphics from,or what year did the board come out? keep it strong and keep it tight. AJD, Hi Aaron - I have some typography & packaging images I’d like to send your way -please let me know where to send - thanks, Anna. A few months ago I started donating 3 hrs each Friday morning to a local charity here in Louisville and it’s been a game changer for me (and the charity doesn’t mind it, either). As an intermidiate logo designer myself, I look up to you greatly and I thank you so much for the inspiration. Can I get in legal trouble if I criticize a company for having a sub-par product? Your pencils look authentically made. Thanks for coming by. Whenever I’m feeling sad or have had a long day at school, you (indirectly, but still) cheer me up and I want you to know you help people in the best kind of way. I was told that I was just like you. a+ brother. Guess I’ll start here.. so, I am on a quest to find the Sub Pop Sasquatch design on a t-shirt because my brother (former GM of KXLU) would love, and I want to surprise him for his birthday. Dude, you made my morning. That was a lot of fun tonight and I would love to talk some more if youa re up to it.

Can I get a high res version? Is it possible that I can embed your video or something, just a thought. Valley City, ND 58072. Just posting to let you know that you have inspired me to continue doing what it is I love doing. i’m the executive producer for a site run by adobe’s experience design team. I would love for you to come see what we do and give you the opportunity to show us how you do it! Love your work! you don’t know me, but I just saw your ID/logo vid on adweek, the one that’s breaking a small part of the internet. I really enjoyed what you had to say. Keep up the good shit! #Fieldnotesonflowers I know it wasn’t a real concept. Just watched your vid “Logo Design the Draplin Way” on SKILLSHARE. Just found your link in the back of this month’s Snowboard mag.

Well, recently, I was out back with the dog and a bird shat on it. Beryl Pfizer - a man in need of Field Notes. kepp up the great work. Hi Draplin Design! Don’t see one posted in the merch section. You know, the one I wrote about in “Drivin’ On” ??

I am desperate to get a new one to replace the one i damaged. I know your time is a hard one to give up so I appreciate you getting this far. maybe we can do something remotely. If you’re not familiar with Draplin, you should be. Great stuff Thanks Perhaps I could interview you, too? The motel sign story on You Tube was amazing. It was the best laugh and refreshing talk I have attended in a long time.

Please contact Jessica Hayes at [email protected] if you are interested in learning more or would like to reserve a seat for the Open House. If there is, a link would be appreciated. I just watched your Logo Design challenge video and thought I’d leave some feedback. He’s quite the handsome chap, and I can just tell from the site and the look on his face in the picture, that Gary ‘the Barker’ is a mischievous zany little hound dog. Any chance for another great midwest state like Wisconsin being made? Please let me know where I can order the California poster ASAP. Is there a reason why it says “HUNSTVILLE” instead of “HUNTSVILLE”, or is this just a typo? Aaron Draplin…. I need some designs.


I met you a couple years back on a C3 sales meeting at Stevens Pass. Watched you on Lynda.com I’m designing a logo for a client and he is just being a difficult turd.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how I can continue to make that happen. Hey Aaron, Thanks again man and I must say your a freakin comical guy and I love it…. Just heard your interview on Design Matters. Thank you for doing that video, because it helped inspire me to keep developing and honing my skills as an amateur graphics designer. I met you today while you were spending $400 on a stencil machine at an antique store! All good stuff though. cannot find it on your blog.

just sayin.

I appreciate your bluntness and admire your work. Really cool guy. My gut tells me we are on the same page…or maybe we just like the same movies. Okay, that’s enough from me. Any chance you are going to release one for North Carolina? Just found that you’re the man behind Transmit 4 logo. I just think it would be such a kick ass idea and would be so effing appreciated. I would be so humbled just to get a reply from you. But your video is awesome. And thanks for inspiring design realism.

Just beautiful stuff. [email protected] just wondering…. My parents own a family business making shirts (dress shirts, the real stuff you would never wear) in Czech Republic. Doing real work, being fair and doing it well. I was just wondering if there is any way i can order a Utah poster from you?

I hope the fishin improves for you. But, you know how life gets too busy in this business.

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