// It is also used as a base underneath concrete. 43205 43342 43162 This makes #57 Gravel great for: - Driveways- Drainage in large areas that hold large amounts of water or small areas like the bottom of a flower pot- Underneath small structures such as patios, driveways, landscape walls, and sheds- Backfill for retaining walls- Many other construction related applications. $3.00 per 5 Gallon Bucket (BRING YOUR OWN BUCKET) $3.50 per ½ Cubic Foot Bag.

In 2-3 years, you may need to refresh the area until the ground is hard enough to no longer allow the gravel to be pushed into the soil.- Existing driveways need approximately 2" of gravel. Our best... A blend of nickel/quarter sizes.


43081 // You are more than welcome to shovel it in a vechicle that has a closed top.-Deliver your product in a dump truck that can dump in almost any paved area. Color enhanced with all-natural pigments found in nature. #57 Limestone $32. Most popular for driveways. Add to cart. Sold by the ton, approximately 1.5 tons per cubic yard. The quality of their work was good. This ¾ inch and smaller size is popular for driveways, paths, drainage, back-filling retaining walls and road base. // // Thank you so much! 43113

43066 In central Ohio, this stone is generally a grey to tan color. Good The calculator will figure out how many tons you will need! 43013 tipobj.style.left="5px" Save rental fees based upon use. It's much cheaper than buying prepackaged bags.- Install the product for you! Applications: Driveway Gravel RV Pads Drainage Control French Drains Walkways Concrete Mix #57 Stone is a crushed Limestone aggregate. 43137 43214 43040 Unfortunately, we cannot mix bulk products on the same truck nor can we dump your product in more than one spot. Light grey. They offered to bring it out the same day but we had it delivered the next day. 43766 Its angular shape helps it lock in place, its relatively small size makes it easy to move, and it still has enough graps when spread or compacted to allow a large amount of water to flow through it.

57 Limestone. var curY=(ns6)?e.pageY : event.y+ietruebody().scrollTop;


This is the most common question we have and it is easy to figure out with our gravel calculator! 43218 43105 I had originally scheduled them to come on a Friday, but when I saw that the weather was going to be bad that day, I called on Thursday and asked if they could deliver that day instead. 43231 document.all["dhtmltooltip"] : document.getElementById? Not that bad Limestone is available for purchase in a variety of different sizes depending on the need for the material. 43110 All Rights Reserved. #10 Limestone $28. } If you have any questions, please feel free to call our experts at 614-792-8686 or use the chat window at the bottom right of your screen. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, 2020 Mr. Mulch Landscape Supply. The pure whiteness of limestone gravel make the rock very popular for use in … // ½” to 1” in size. 43064 43140 A common size limestone used for driveway application is #57. #57 Limestone Gravel is a very commonly used gravel for a large number of applications. Bulk products in loose form will be dumped from our trucks or loaded by machine in your open truck. It was all very neat, orderly, and efficient. The backfill gravel will start from the back of the wall and extend towards the soil - anywhere from 3" to 10", depending on the height of the wall and how much water flows in the area.- Small structures such as sheds generally need 3"-4" inches of #57 gravel while larger sheds may need more. ietruebody().clientWidth-event.clientX-offsetxpoint : window.innerWidth-e.clientX-offsetxpoint-20 Depending on the quarry where it was manufactured, #57 crushed gravel may be comprised of granite, limestone, trap rock. //if the horizontal distance isn't enough to accomodate the width of the context menu var offsetxpoint=-60 //Customize x offset of tooltip var offsetypoint=20 //Customize y offset of tooltip The backfill will start from the base of the wall and go vertically up the back of the wall, leaving 4"-6" below the top of the wall (that area will be covered by native soil). Driveways, access roads, private roads (the majority of stone driveways use 2B Limestone), Base material for sheds and other prefab buildings, French drains and other drainage applications. If you are interested in multiple bulk products, you may want to consider selecting the Supersack packaging option, then you can mix the bulk products on the same truck if they are all packaged in Supersacks. It can also be used as a driveway topping. He quickly pulled his dump truck into my driveway, dropped the topsoil exactly where I asked him to, took my check, and drove off. function ddrivetip(thetext, thecolor, thewidth){

[CDATA[ > By the Ton > Limestone, Number 57 - By the Ton. 43213 43215 document.calculate.yardscalt.value = document.calculate.yardst.value = ((+Math.round(width4 * length4 *(depth4 / 12) / 21) + (width3 * length3 *(depth3 / 12) / 21) + (width2 * length2 *(depth2 / 12) / 21) + (width * length *(depth / 12) / 21))).toFixed (1); Can also be used as a base to build on or pour over concrete.

It is commonly used a as the compactable base underneath brick and concrete pavers and as a base for retaining walls. var width2 = document.calculate.strWidth2.value; For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. var length2 = document.calculate.strLength2.value;

$ 37.00 per ton 2B Limestone (or #57 Limestone) is one of the most widely-used aggregates in landscaping and outdoor construction. 43082 Limestone, Number 57 - By the Ton. We can bring up to 15 cubic yards or tons of bulk or packaged material to you per delivery. enabletip=true // 43227 else if (curX, //

It is 1.35 ton per cubic yard. Required fields are marked *, Rating This material is the most common driveway and parking lot topping. ietruebody().clientHeight-event.clientY-offsetypoint : window.innerHeight-e.clientY-offsetypoint-20 } if (rightedge

43229 ft., needs about 0.62 cu yd. //

document.documentElement : document.body tipobj.innerHTML=thetext var length4 = document.calculate.strLength4.value; } 43230 43221 // // //

Disclaimer Size Variation: Please allow for up to 10% larger or smaller pieces as well as up to 10% fine material within your product than what is described in the product information. It has enough graps when spread or compacted to allow water to flow through it. // Double shredded for consistent texture and appeal.... Popular for driveways. #57 limestone is used for driveways, drainage and construction projects. } Keep in mind the truck bed needs to have an open top to use the loader. if (/MSIE (\d+\.\d+);/.test(navigator.userAgent)) { If you plan to place heavy objects on the patio such as a fireplace or hot tub, you need at least 6" of gravel to reduce sinking in that area. 43021 43061 Rate… It is 2 ton per cubic yard.

43102 It can also be used as a driveway topping. 43145 // enabletip=false Orders placed past 11:30 PM are not guaranteed for next day delivery. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. 43062 43109 3/4-1” clean crushed limestone. 43011 Keep in mind that you will need to overdig the paved area, so add a couple feet on each side of your measurement to ensure you have enough.- #57s are also regularly used for backfill on a retaining wall. Crushed limestone is customizable into different sizes and styles, and prices mainly depend on the quantity.

// 43119 ft., needs about 1.54 cu yd. tipobj.style.left=ie? // 43203 $27.00 / yd. The soil was delivered the same afternoon I called. The #57 sieve produces gravel materials that are approximately 1” – 1.5” in size. Perfect Vehicles and time will push the gravel into the soil which will require more gravel initially than if the area already had a hard base to lay upon. Brownish gravel for driveways and drainage areas. Definition of uses below. 2B Limestone (or #57 Limestone) is one of the most widely-used aggregates in landscaping and outdoor construction.

if (bottomedge

var length = document.calculate.strLength.value; Measure the area you need to cover and call us! Select an option... Sold by the ton, approximately 1.5 tons per cubic yard. 43150 - Load the product directly into your truck or trailer using a "skid-steerer" (or Bobcat front loader). It is commonly used under railroad tracks. 43107 tipobj.style.backgroundColor='' It is typically about 3/4″-1″ in diameter, and is most commonly … 43164 We ship product 7 days a week, but please provide a two day notice when orders are placed on-line. 43065 $3.00 per 5 Gallon Bucket (BRING YOUR OWN BUCKET), © 2012 All Rocks R Us. If we cannot meet your preferred time slot, a Customer Service Representative will reach out with the next available opening. HOWEVER, time slots requested cannot be guaranteed. tipobj.style.left=curX+offsetxpoint+"px"

// ietruebody().scrollLeft+event.clientX-tipobj.offsetWidth+"px" : window.pageXOffset+e.clientX-tipobj.offsetWidth+"px" I love them! var depth3 = document.calculate.strDepth3.value;

var yardst = document.calculate.yardst.value; Simply get the width and length of the areas that you will be applying the gravel and input the information in our gravel project calculator, then select your desired depth of gravel. 43130 var rightedge=ie&&!window.opera? // 43220 (recommended size for driveways) $30.25 per Ton*. Pea size. Your email address will not be published. 43240 It is 1.25 ton per cubic yard. tipobj.style.top=curY+offsetypoint+"px" SKIP THE PHONE CALL OR OFFICE VISIT AND PLACE YOUR ORDER ONLINE! 43023 Limerock is a white, porous rock that can be used in many types of projects, from driveways to back-filling walls, and others. // = 1.2 ton Coverage: 2 inch layer = 100 sq. 43026 43219 Ideal for roadways, driveways or backfill. var curX=(ns6)?e.pageX : event.x+ietruebody().scrollLeft; // ]]>, 1"1.5"2"2.5"3"4"5"6"7"8"9"10"11"12"13"14"15"16"17"18"19"20"21"22"23"24". When in doubt, increase your base depth or backfill amount. Coverage: 5 inch layer = 100 sq. 43223 // You may need more if the previously layed gravel has been pushed deep into the soil.- Patios need at least 4" of #57 Gravel as a base with a leveling agent like #9 Gravel for the stone to lay naturally on. // 43112 Limestone and/or granite Weight of #57 Gravel : 2000 Pounds Volume of ton of #57 Gravel: 21 Cubic Feet Gravel Installation Instructions: - New gravel driveways should be done in two layers. 43204 2B Limestone has hundreds of uses, but is most commonly used for: *ONLINE ORDERING NOW AVAILABLE!

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