Click on the image for larger format. Of Over $ 20,000.00 It is either 600cc or 650cc Deep V ALL ALUMINUM BOAT If interested call: 424.777.9318 (Calls only)

ALL Original! ( WIFE IS PIZZED MUST GO NO MORE BABE SPRAYING) For a look at some classic Suzuki race bikes and intriguing stories from the works bike era, check out Terry Good’s website at

If interested call: 424.777.9318 (Calls only) Suzuki makes very few changes to the RM250 in this period.

Yes, I have the left side cover. Cash or trade or cash & trade. Thus, Suzuki’s head-start never translated to an advantage in the bike that Suzuki sold to the public. If N/A leave a message. Reed 1996 HONDA CR80 MOTORCROSS BIKE Has brand new DOT M/S (Mud and Snow) rated tires they have 40km on them with new tubes as well. Clear title in my hand NOW. SHIPPING: YOU, THE BUYER, MUST MAKE YOUR OWN SHIPPING ARRANGEMENTS AND PAY FOR YOUR SHIPPING OR PICK UP THE BIKE YOURSELF.

$4200 Offers, trades welcomed.Have listed locally reserve right to end early.

Sellers, beware of alot of ebayers out there who try to scam you. Or text me @ 331.248.3841 (Texts only) Or text me @ 331.248.3841 (Texts only) $ 2600.00 If N/A leave a message.

Even Hondas have higher asking prices for no good reason. Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki have off-years, but recover quickly.

$ 120.00 That's right, the first one. Color is light blue! Items are in N. Illinois 61065

Dry Weight: 96 kg (212 lbs) for sale an extremely rare 1981 rm 250, last year of the air-cooled rm 250, first year of single full floater shock. If N/A leave a message.

If interested call: 424.777.9318 (Calls only) That world is traditionally dominated by European bikes like KTM and Husqvarna, but the Suzuki RM 250 made its mark there.Between the efforts of Randy Hawkins, Rodney Smith, Steve Hatch and Paul Edmondson, the RM or its blood brother the RMX captured 16 National Championships in GNCC, Enduro and Hare Scrambles. If N/A leave a message. Large fish tank with all accessories Table cell entries are presumed to be the initial frame and engine numbers for the model year for each model. Or text me @ 331.248.3841 (Texts only) New bars / levers / perches / grips / chain. This waverunner is in near mint condition! If interested call: 424.777.9318 (Calls only) If interested call: 424.777.9318 (Calls only) $ 1250.00 Without trailer If interested call: 424.777.9318 (Calls only)

On May-17-14 at 12:15:29 PDT, seller added the following information: Suzuki frame and engine serial numbers from 1971-1981From My wiki test -->1971 - R1972 - J1973 - K1974 - L1975 - M1976 - A1977 - B1978 - C1979 - N1980 - T1981 - XFrameEngineFrameEngineFrameEngineFrameEngineFrameEngineFrameEngineFrameEngineFrameEngineFrameEngineFrameEngineFrameFA50200250200786 100047100049JS1FZ11A_B_100001FA50M JS1FZ12A_B_100001FS50 100052100053JS1FA12A_B_100001FZ50 120118120121142998143001JS1FA11A_B_100001JR50 10000110001110285110406121204121238 JR50C 10000110001 MT50 29014284564783047922 OR50 143322143365163309163361 RM50 10000110001107414107453110854110894 TS501000110001330483307043847450896287062891 RM60 100024100024102731102731JS1RB11A_B_100001RM75 1000110001 TM75 20705208752748827778 TS75 N/AN/A194832731323322288082 DS80 100001100001119924116895126125126165 RM80 100011000123187231933943339470200010200068JS1RD11A_B_100001 RB90 9067491633 RV90 10001100013650136393470555792770623715528597086738 TC90613792138779379N/A TS903888438917208147N/A A100 168308255726218676313991 DS100 100001100001109768109832117307117312 RM100 10001100011602216024231202313428312283283304427822JS1RE11A_B_100001 TC100 10001100012189222711372593736544182441804872748717 TM100 10001100017971179746 TS100 10001100012233422675385934366157213572886372869712100001100001119992132991301267149748JS1SE11A_B_100001 TC1202813316439 DS125 100661100698104361104361 RM125 30001N/A43983440456185162013843288464510250383087JS1RF11A_B_100001 RM125M 1000110001 RV125 10001100012343523678340303424443112431254652648538 T125114992115148 TC125 100011000130925309433906539501495524990654895549285865858665 TM125 100011000120579206044317643258 TS12510001100013782927857584935854474802753439828398388116376117485145379147370100001100001144190146509307475164154JS1SF11A_B_100001 PE175 100001100001107290107298200030200039 RS175 100013100013 DS185 10000500001107722507722111300511300 GT185 10001100011978420228316933507045095534536154369902 TC185 1000110001159951635321645216502407424059 TS185100011000124292243095259252618846648478311594411610414724314279110001100012278922790392953954810218548283JS1SG11A_B_100001 DS250 100009500009 GS250T 106427700020JS1GJ51A_B_100001 GT250 10001100012596626160473264855380001800259742697528 PE250 100011000118647186662304522632200030200037 RL250 10001100011819918223 RM250 1000110001209952101326795N/A38834391034389244025JS1RJ11A_B_100001 RM250C2 3064230700 RS250 100011100011 T2502540325453 TM250 1000110001347393475041777418244951149689 TS2501000110001271532719248350483876806366133867708686910298910261210001100012012320123335813359210084138344JS1SJ11A_B_100001 TS250J 4541145512 T35020746206273149331493 DR370 100001100001105460105486 RM370 10002100021793917946 SP370 100001100001109645109448 GT380 1000110001109193289448732539526598473764867549735395063108577 DR400 100042100043 GN400 500028100051 GN400T JS1NK41A_B_100001 GN400X 100022100051JS1NK41A_B_100001 GS400 10001100013070630772 GS400X 100011000101304313043 RM400 100001100009105680105681109717109785 PE400 100033100034 SP400 100034100036 TM40010001100011860016600300013000633482335014791845957 TS400 100011000119019190591000110001159561601324254242663014530154 GS425 100038100018 GS425E 500032100016 GS425L 700005100016 GS450E 500049100096JS1GL51A_B_100001 GS450L 700018109969JS1GL51L_B_100001 GS450S 500421100096JS1GL51A_B_100001 GS450T JS1GL52A_B_100001 GT500 9072990729104422104426 MT5001000110001 SP500 JS1SM41A_B_100001 T5003084630848 68083680837416274198 TS500 5977959779 GS550 10000110000111035413610119862139272 GS550E 100018114487115731139272125125159165 GS550G JS1GP71G_B_100001 GS550L 700020139272705236159165JS1GN71L_B_100001 GS550T JS1GN71A_B_100001 GT550 100011000121780230363626637851471194931461315644647036473451 GS650E JS1GP71A_B_100001 GS650GL JS1GP71L_B_100001 GS750 100011000132604427614436174016 GS750E 10019441442947574016500030100097JS1GR71A_B_100001 GS750L 70001674016700016100097JS1GR71L_B_100001 GT750 100011000131253313574024743047528235753761729675587573982605 GS850G 100370100393116457116520JS1GS71G_B_100001 GS850GL 700025116520JS1GS71L_B_100001 GS1000 100001100001106722121074 GS1000E 500001100001515728121074528511145989 GS1000G 100046100031JS1GT71G_B_100001 GS1000GL 700017100040JS1GT71L_B_100001 GS1000L 700016121074 GS1000S 521285121074528511145969 GS1100E 500037100168JS1GU71A_B_100001 GS1100L 700016100166 RE5 1005310118N/AN/A (Note: On some models, the 9th and 11th digits are determined at the time of manufacture. It’s faster, lighter and has better suspension than anything in the class. It is in great running condition. Fronts are 80/100/21. Honda Minitrail CT70 and Z50 Parts MOVING SALE. TS250J is listed twice in 1972 (year J) with two sets of originating frame and engine numbers. Title in hand!

His first recommendation was for only one change to the existing bike. $ 120.00 In like new condition Works Great! Engine fully rebuilt with new crank bearings / seals. It also has an internal water pump. Plastics rough with repairs

Many more freshen up details.. Ready to race, but might be more of a collector item. If N/A leave a message. Soon a 250cc version was offered, but it was based on the TS250 Savage rather than anythingthat the race team developed. Selling my 1993 RM250 2-stroke with FMF racing pipe very well maintained top and bottom and freshly redone last winter only had two rides since always fresh oil and fresh gas put in after every ride ... 1982 CB750C, this bike runs as good as it looks, no tune up required, has just under 1900 kms, has a brand new battery, has to be heard to be appreciated, no low offers or trades please, this bike is ... 19,000 $ 1800.00 or Trades???????? Suzuki RM 250: history, specifications, images, videos, manuals. 20" Approx Sylvania TV HD If interested call: 424.777.9318 (Calls only)

Or text me @ 331.248.3841 (Texts only) In 1971, the company offered the TM400 Cyclone, which was a poor motorcycle that was unrelated to the bike that Roger DeCoster rode. $ 800.00 as is $ 650.00

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