JNTO “attack Shoryudo” tour Japan Chobu and Hokuriku region

JNTO invite shooting television travel program “attack Shoryudo” in 2015 December 14 to 18 Monday to Friday 22:30 -11, on TVB Jade and HD Jade broadcast. The program was chaired by Mr. Jin Gang artists and Miss Zhang Xiuwen, the host will take you to the central Gifu Prefecture and Hokuriku regions, Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui Prefecture and other places, introduce local cuisine and beautiful scenery.

Play Content: Central and Hokuriku regions (Gifu, Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui Prefecture)

Program content is likely to include the following attractions. ※ The picture is only for reference.


 off blacksmiths heritage museum, off three shows – Japanese sword making process and products

Shige Kyrgyzstan (shi ge Kyrgyzstan) – tasting eel rice

 Takayama Old Street: Ajinomoto and flat – Japan hotel shop; Hua MOKUREN – tasting French Kaiseki

Li (Hida beef); Takayama Festival Forest – Visit Takayama Festival Yatai use; mountains old streets;

Shiratori plateau Wing Hills – Ski; Shirakawa, palms villagers to their homes;

Masuen Bunsuke (masu garden help text) – taste river fish dishes in a restaurant together in prayer house;

Toyota Shirakawa-go Nature School – Experience production Tochigi cake


 Ikedaya Ann Samurai – experience making pills, medicated sweets taste

 large pharmacy Shimeno Drugstore

 Minato Kittokito new markets – enjoy fresh seafood

Masu Sushi source – experience making sushi trout

Ishikawa Prefecture

 much gas agency

 wakura onsen Kagaya – Kaiseki tasting

 Hanayome noren train

 foil Block – describes the use of a foil food

 West Street Chaya Chaya game name Month – watch dancers, Taiko games to experience traditional games

 Omi-cho market – Visit the market, the earliest Sushi

 East Chaya Street

 Mori eight – Experience production and fruit

 Kenrokuen


Grandia Fountain (gu ra nn video game ィ ア Fontaine) – tasting kaiseki and accommodation

 Tojinbo

 opening to Dan Kobase – enjoy the luxury of opening to Dan (covered with crab paste crab crab meal)

 glasses Art Museum – Learn the history and production process of glasses